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Who are we?

Jackfield is a leading company in the distribution of work, sports, hunting and fishing clothing and accessories. Located in Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce, Jackfield stands out for its competitive prices, its unique products, its speed of operation but, above all, its most loyal customers since 1909.

With an inventory of over 300 products and more than 2,000 sales locations in Canada, Jackfield is constantly evolving.

Our Story

Founded in 1909,

Jackfield was formerly Distribution Eugène Gagnon. Originally, the company was selling retail fabrics, towels, thread and sewing equipment. In 1925, Eugène Gagnon, the company’s founder, chose to specialize in the distribution of workwear. It was then the beginning of the Jackfield brand.

For three generations,

Jackfield has belonged to the Gravel family. Lucien Gravel bought the company in 1960 and gradually diversified its product offering. Then in 1975, his sons, Yves and Denis, took over the company and, in 1990, took the initiative to turn to imports, mainly in China and Bangladesh, to be more competitive against major brands that were then breaking into Canada.


with nearly 20 years of experience, the company is in the hands of a third generation, which represents a solid and experienced team.

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